• Installations and Exhibitions

    Chair (Tentacles)

    Fall 2013 - Present

    Inspired by Yayoi Kusama.


    Currently Installed in in the Noble Center of St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York.


    Published in the Fall 2015 Laurentian Magazine.

    Throwing Down the Gauntlet (2016)

    This 3-piece exhibit is a a visual representation of four 

    important social and mental issues on college campuses: stereotyping, taboo products, beauty and body image, and mental illness.


    These issues often get solved with a 'quick fix' of punishment instead of proper therapy, treatment and guidance.


    In collaboration with:

    Darion Ambrosino



    Temporarily installed and exhibited in the Gunnison Memorial Chapel (Canton, NY)

    Leaf Mandala (2015)

    A temporal collaboration installation on the St. Lawrence University Campus Quad. Made of the changing autumn leaves and berries.


    To me, art is power. Art is a vehicle for learning, love, community building, and appreciation.

    Art education plays a vital role in helping students to grow and learn to think outside the box.

    I make art to start conversation, spark creativity, and spread cultural and social awareness.

    Debbie Ali

    Mixed Media Art and Design

    Hi there! My name is Debbie and I love art.


    Firstly, thank you so much for checking out my portfolio!


    A little more about me, I am a recent graduate from St. Lawrence University in New York. I majored in Economics, and double minored in Fine Arts and Anthropology! Many people are shocked whenever I tell them what I've studied and ask, "how do those three go together?" I love this question. There are so many intersectional connections that can be found between art and other subjects; once you start to notice them, it's impossible not to seek out more!


    While at university, I have taken studio courses including Sculpture I and II, Ceramics I, Printmaking I, and Experimental Filmmaking/Video Art. I have participated in Inktober, worked with digital software, recycled materials, metal, wood, acrylic/watercolor paint, and traditional origami craft. I have also choreographed and danced in cultural performances including the International Dance & Food Showcase hosted by the Guyanese Sisters at SLU.


    Liberally Arts is my latest project; it is a blog that encompasses my passion for the arts and education. I write articles or draw about all kinds of art, unique careers paths, and general education. Take a look: http://www.liberallyarts.wordpress.com


    I am currently volunteering for the Haverstraw RiverArts Festival, RMG's Art Expo New York 2017, and aim to achieve a graduate degree in Special Ed and Art Education. Let's make some art!


    Photo courtesy of Darion Ambrosino

    Learn more about Haverstraw RiverArts here: http://haverstrawriverarts.org/

  • What Makes Me Qualified?

  • What Can I Do For You?

    Need a sketch for a new product? Animation or graphic design? Branding or blog content? How about a large metal sculpture?

    My work may be just what you are looking for!


    Adobe Creative Suite:

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

    Bridge, Lightroom, Speedgrade


    Final Cut Pro, SketchUP, GIMP

    Manga Studio Debut 4, Anime Studio

    Canva, FireAlpaca



    Inking (Brush Illustrations & Hand Lettering)

    Metal (Welding and Sculpture)

    Wood (Set Design and Printing)

    Recycled Materials (i.e. Cardboard)

    Fabric (Sewing, Sculpture & Styling)



    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

    Deviantart, Tumblr, Pixiv, RMD

    YouTube, Wordpress



    Google Drive, Sakai, Blackboard Learn, Wordpress

    Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel

    ArcGIS Online and Desktop, Pathfinder Office

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    For job, commission, questions, or feedback related messages. Let's chat and make art!